Tides of Fortune

Upgradin’ Yer Infirmary Now Be Cheaper Than Ever!

Increase the Number o’ Units Ye Can Revive Fer FREE!

Avast, me hearties!

The Brethren Court has reduced the price o’ Infirmary upgrades!
Upgradin’ yer Infirmary now be cheaper than ever before! Ye can increase the number o’ Units ye can revive fer FREE with each upgrade level.upgrade

The Level 1 Infirmary will let ye revive 6% o’ yer Units fer FREE. Upgradin’ yer Infirmary will increase the number o’ Units ye can restore by 2% with each upgrade Level, up to a maximum of 30%. Keep in mind that ye may only use the Infirmary to Revive Units lost in the defense o’ yer Haven. If ye need to Revive Units lost outside o’ yer Haven, ye may do so at the Smuggler’s Den with Rubies.

Upgrade yer Infirmary, an’ send yer scallywags on to fight another day!

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie