Tides of Fortune

New Feature! Unified Presidios!

Hold Neighbourin’ Presidios – Rule The Seven Seas!

Unified PresidiosAhoy there Captains!

There be a new way t’ expand yer sphere o’ Influence upon the Seven Seas – Unified Presidios! Upgrade neighbourin’ Presidios t’ receive mighty Bonuses!

Yer Brotherhood may already have a Presidio and benefit from the great Bonuses it provides. If ye can hold neighborin’ Presidios, ye will be farin’ better still!

Yer Brotherhood’s Presidio’s neighbors be important. Capturin’ and upgradin’ these will set you on course fer some terrific Bonuses! Bonuses first become effective when ye have a Presidio o’ Level 5, which is directly-adjoined t’ at least ONE other Level 5 Presidio. The more Presidios o’ Level 5 (up to a maximum of 4) that be held adjacent to the Presidio – the more effective the Bonuses will be!

There be two types of Bonuses:

Presidio Dominion Range Bonus. This Bonus expands yer Presidio’s influence over the Seven Seas.
Presidio Defense Bonus. When a Presidio becomes a Unified Presidio, it will grant an extra Presidio Defense Bonus to all Units garrisoned there.

If you manage surround your Level 5 Presidio with 4 other Level 5 Presidios, the central Presidio will become a Unified Presidio. Unified Presidios be indicated on the Map with the icon “5+”, and provide yer Brotherhood with the most powerful Bonuses.

By capturin’ and upgradin’ Presidios, ye can spread yer Dominion further across the Seven Seas, improvin’ yer Brotherhood Ranking and sendin’ shivers down the spines of yer foes.

Set sail fer success!

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley