Tides of Fortune

Twitter Competition

Ships ahoy, Captains!
Here be a Twitter Competition fer ye all!

Guess the name of a Unit that turned its coat and joined the brave pirates!

Solve the mystery and get 2,000 Rubies!Twitter Competition

Steps to victory:

1) Follow @CaptAnn_plarium https://twitter.com/CaptAnn_plarium/
2) Examine her tweets within the next 2 weeks and find the parts of the KEY WORD hidden on the images.
3) Send retweets to keep the images close at hand until the X.
4) Report the guessed KEY WORD and your coordinates to ‘Bonnie’ Anne on May 7th.

The 10 most observant Captains who submit correct KEY WORD will get 2,000 Rubies each!

Victors of the quest will be announced on May 12th!

Bless yer Piratin’ spirit, now get to Tweetin’!
Yer Pirate Queen ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’Malley