Tides of Fortune

Treasure Islands Have Been Sighted Far and Wide!

Ahoy, Captains!

Treasure IslandsNew locations can now be found all over the map of the Seven Seas – Treasure Islands! By Attacking or Capturing Treasure Islands, you can gain free Resources, Rubies, Experience Points, Tournament Points, and/or Points for the Rankings!

If you manage to capture one of these beacons of hidden riches, and protect them against the onslaught of rival Captains, you’ll be able to dig up treasure in the form of valuable Resources and currencies: Buried Gold, Buried Rum, Buried Timber, Buried Gears and even Buried Rubies!

Unlike with Targets, how many Resources you can take from a Treasure Island depends on the overall carrying capacity of the Defensive Units you have stationed at the site, as they’re the ones doing the looting and heavy lifting.

You will need BOTH Offensive and Defensive Units to Capture a Treasure Island, but the Defensive Units will NOT engage in the battle. If you don’t manage to Capture it, surviving Units (Defensive and Offensive) will retreat to your Haven. If your attempt is successful and you manage to claim the Treasure Island for your own, all surviving Offensive Units will be automatically returned to your Harbor. The Defensive Units you sent will stay there, sniff out the buried goods and dig them up, loading them into a Barge. The number of Resources that they can bring back to your Haven depends on their collective carrying capacity and the Resource type (Rubies be heavier than Rum, after all!). The more Units you have at the site, and the higher their carrying capacity, the more riches ye stand to gain!

If your Units are defeated, and an Enemy takes control of the Treasure Island, all surviving Units will return to your Haven empty-handed. They will not recover any Resources.

You can oversee Treasure Islands under your control in the “Treasure Islands” tab of the Pirate Stronghold interface.

Pay attention to the following rules ‘n restrictions:

-You must have a Lighthouse built in yer Haven in order to sight Treasure Islands.
-You must the Dutchman’s Hangar built in yer Haven in order to dispatch Scouts to Treasure Islands.
-You must have built the Manufactory in yer Haven in order to collect Gears from Treasure Islands.
-You can only send Reinforcements to Treasure Islands that you, yerself, currently hold.
-If ye send Offensive and Defensive forces to Attack (not Capture) an Emporium, all Units will participate in the attack. That’s why we don’t recommend ye send Defensive forces on Attack missions!
-Fer starters, ye can hold a maximum of 3 Treasure Islands at once, as shown by the number o’ Barges in yer fleet. To Increase the number of that number, visit the Witch Doctor’s Hut and upgrade “Maximum Targets and Treasure Islands” to Level 30.
-You can’t send Massed Attacks to Treasure Islands.

There be no rest fer the wicked, Captains. May wind an’ wave be with ye on your quest to conquer these valuable sites!