Tides of Fortune

New Item Available – Treasure Gatherer!

Gather Yer Bounty Faster At Treasure Islands!

Treasure GathererCaptains!

Hoist yer Rum, fer a new Item ‘as been discovered! Using it will make lootin’ Treasure Islands as easy as countin’ yer scurvy toes!

Here be the exact workin’s:

The Treasure Gatherer: Use this Item to boost the speed with which Resources be gathered from Treasure Islands. Note: in order to benefit from the boost, ye will ‘ave to activate this Item afore yer Crew arrive at the Treasure Island. Any Treasure Island captured while the Item be active will benefit from speedy Resource gathering ‘til that Treasure Island expires.

Don’t scratch yer eyes, Captain! Simply activate the Item and send yer Crew to conquer a Treasure Island. They will gather valuable Resources much faster until the Treasure Island expires!

Be advised, Captains: The Treasure Gatherer won’t work on Treasure Islands that were already a’captured before the Item was activated, or after it expires. Scribble tha’ down will ye, Captain?

Looks like ye are going to tear through Treasure Islands like a deck-swabber through an unguarded stash o’ Rum!

Best o’ luck, Captains!

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley