Tides of Fortune

Tips for Beginners

Have you just started your adventure as the new mighty pirate? Are you still thinking about starting the game? The following tips and tricks are the perfect choice to speed up your progress.

What is important at the beginning?

captain_anneTip 1: Cpt. Bonnie Anne O’Malley is awaiting you when joining Pirates for the first time. She will provide you with a lot of missions that also serve as a tutorial. Do not leave these missions behind because they offer good rewards and first bonuses for your start in Pirates Tides of Fortune.

Tip 2: After solving the most important tasks you are likely to ask: “What shall I do now?” First, you should look after your city and its buildings. This not only enables you new possibilities, it also improves your level as a pirate. On the other hand it will cost you a lot of resources to set up all the buildings.

As a consequence, there is tip 3: At the beginning you should build as much lumber yards, rum distilleries and gold mines as possible. These buildings are necessary for having enough resources in the future. But you should also make sure that you are able to store your resources even when you are offline. To do this you should consider building rum cellars and warehouses.

Tips for your progress

Your port already looks a lot more alive than before. After you made sure that you are going to have enough resources, you might want to improve your power as a pirate captain. Tip 4 is to set up a strategy that might consist of the following routines:

flying_shipPirates: Tides of Fortune offers you a lot of activities and obtainable goals. You can progress in four or five activities at the same time:

1. Do your daily missions to get as much gold, lumber, rum and experience in short time.
2. Make new discoveries to improve your port and to have more possibilities.
3. Set up new buildings and improve them to get stronger.
4. Click on your lighthouse to go on raids and make more profit.
5. Don’t forget to visit the Witch Doctor’s Hut building to make more improvements for your units

If you manage to go after these activities simultaneously, you will get more powerful in very short time. But most important besides that is to have fun in Pirates Tides of Fortune. Even if you progress slower but constantly you are going to have more power and earnings.

Tip 1: Not only in your port are a lot of chances. Take a look at the sea around you. There you can discover resources floating on the water from time to time. Click on them to gather them. One day later there is more to come.

Tip 2: Before you are closing Pirates Tides of Fortune in your browser, make sure you started the developments consuming the most time. By doing this you make the most of your break. In addition to that you can take care of developments only consuming a few minutes when you are online. With this time management you are going to progress really fast.

The best tip is to be smart!

catFrom time to time you are receiving rubies as a reward. You can use them more or less efficiently. They are very good to avoid bottlenecks regarding resources. To take action just click on a resource and buy 5000 units of what you need to move on. Be aware of only taking these resources if you have enough capacity for them.

Brotherhoods are another way to have more advantages because you can solve more daily missions. The Brethren Court is the right place to look for a brotherhood. If you are planning to attack other players, make sure to send a spy first. You have to deal with revenge in most cases if you are starting a war.

With these tips and tricks you should not capsize in Pirates Tides of Fortune. Steer the course, don’t drink too much rum and everything will be fine.