Tides of Fortune

The Spice of Life

‘Ey up, Captain!

I’ve got a bit of work for ye. Ye haven’t spent as much time at sea as I have, but, judgin’ by the way your crew are hobbling round your ship, yer probably more than familiar with Scurvy. Aye, it’s the worst thing that can happen to a proud pirate – it’s one thing to have a broken tooth or two, but you’ll have a hard time striking fear into a bloody chicken with naught but your gums to grimace with!The Spice of Life

We need to get hold o’ some Vitamin C to prevent the disease. Them oranges go bad too quickly to be o’ much use on long hauls, but those Chili Peppers the Spaniards have seem to last ages. Go sink some Galleons and gather as many Chili Peppers as ye can while yer there!