Tides of Fortune

Raid Quests


We are introducin’ brand-new types of Raid Quests! So raise your mast and weigh anchor fer new, excitin’ battles!Raid Quests
From now on, yer new quests will include more naval operations, such as Engagin’ Prizes, destroyin’ rival Units, an’ Liberatin’ yer fellow Captains from Blockades!
That’s not all! Now yer rewards will be bigger, better, an’ more diverse than ever before! Complete all types of Raid Quests to earn ‘em!
Ye may now complete an unlimited number of Raid Quests each day – so there ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ ye from lootin’ every last gold nugget in the Seven Seas!

Take on lucrative Operations, earn a treasure trove of Rewards, and show off yer extreme piratical skills!
Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie