Tides of Fortune

Quest Interface Redesign!

Ahoy, Captain!

From now on, All Tutorial Quests, Tournaments, Campaign Adventures, Bonus Tasks, an’ other such exploits will be collected under one icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

All Quests now be conveniently categorized:update

Completed – Quests found here be finished an’ done with. YE MUST collect yer loot from this window to add the rewards to yer account!

Tutorial – These be Anne Bonnie’s trainin’ missions fer greenhorn Captains. Some o’ her instructions be complicated, so take yer time an’ learn how to do basic tasks. If ye want to be reckless an’ skip ahead, fine – just refer to the Help menu.

Time-sensitive – These Quests only last fer a short time, so check on ‘em frequently to avoid missin’ out!

Naval – These Quests be related to yer naval activities, such as buildin’ up yer forces an’ interactin’ with other Havens.

Construction – These Quests be helpin’ ye develop an’ fortify yer Haven.

Discoveries – Here be a list of Discoveries ye should research or upgrade.

Miscellany – Here be all other Quests that can provide extra loot.

If yer new to the Seven Seas, it be HIGHLY recommended that ye complete Quests in the order they be listed. Otherwise, ye could slow down yer Haven’s development by usin’ up Resources unwisely.

Now that everythin’s squared away, ye can’t blame yer Pirates’ confusion on anythin’ but rum!

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie