Tides of Fortune

More Prizes Now Available!

Attack or defend even more Prizes per day!

Pirates PrizesCaptains, we edited the text of our previous post since it turned out to be confusing. Let me explain the situation.

You will receive up to 30 Offensive and 30 Defensive Prizes per day! Every day at 00:00 UTC the number of Prizes you are able to Raid will be updated.

Fear not: While the number of daily Prizes will be increased, their strength and payouts will remain the same, we will add more of them to keep your armies in pristine fighting condition!

You will be able to defeat even more Level-up Prizes each day, meaning that you can progress faster through the game, testing your skill and strategy. Level-up Prizes are always the highest Level Prizes available to you.

Once you defeat a Level-up Prize, you will be able to receive a new Prize of an even higher Level.

For example: If your highest available Prize is Level 12, defeating this will unlock a Level 13 Prize.

There will also be additional lower Level Prizes available. Engaging with less challenging Prizes is a useful way to gain valuable rewards at a lower cost to your armies.

Piratically yours,
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley