Tides of Fortune

New Special Offer Packages Available! 

Ahoy, Captain!

A chest full o’ treasure washed up at me Haven chock full of incredible new Items to make ruling the Seven Seas easier than ever before! Arrgh!
Take a look!

new packages
Auto Crew Hider. This Item provides ye with the peace o’ mind o’ knowing that yer newly returned and trained Units have automatically been secured in yer Harbor. The duration o’ time this Item be good for depends on the version ye choose. Get the “Auto Crew Hider” with the hourly amount to suit yer scurvy needs. The choice be yers!
Instant Recall. Ever wanted the opportunity to retrieve a bad decision? Then this Item be meant fer ye! With Instant Recall yer decision to send yer Crew to a strongly defended Haven can be reversed before they even arrive, thus sparing yer Crew to fight another day! Regardless of how far away yer Crew be, so long as they haven’t yet arrived at their destination ye can instantly recall them to yer Haven with Instant Recall. Because why learn the hard way?
Quests Refresher. This Item allows ye to get new Daily Quests! If ye have completed all o’ yer Daily Quests, just use this Item to get a fresh set o’ new ones!
Ye can get these Items at the Smuggler’s Den (Go to the “Special” section of the “Misc” tab).
Hold yer breath, Captain – introducing the “My Items” window! All Items ye purchase in the game – or those that ye receive as a reward – can now be found in a single place. The “My Items” window can be found in the bottom-left corner of yer screen.
All of these Items are available in exclusive Special Offer packages now! Use this opportunity to improve yer fortunes!
These Items be sure to benefit all Captains by making warfare on the high seas more affordable and enabling ye to develop yer Haven faster!
Keep an ear out, Captain. More piratey survival gear be sure to be
available soon!
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley