Tides of Fortune

New Prize Ransack Requirements!

Earn 100 Tournament Points And Get Rewarded!

Ahoy Captain!

I be crab diving with me old Crew the day betwixt yesterday and tomorrow when we stumble upon a scurvy site that filled me with sorrow, for ‘twas a message in a bottle! Some scallywagging Captains not be actively participating in Brotherhood Tournaments! They now done forced me hand and things be a changin’! New Prize

Now if ye want to share in yer Brotherhood’s success and receive Rewards, ye yerself must earn at least 100 Tournament Points during Brotherhood Tournaments. Aye, no more scallywags looking to hide behind their Brethren to save their Crew!
To sum things up, Captain, actively participate in Brotherhood Tournaments and be earning at least 100 Tournament Points to partake in yer Brotherhood’s Rewards!

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley