Tides of Fortune

New Presidos Sighted on the Map

Ahoy, Captains!

New PresidosNo matter how much ye’ve sailed the Seven Seas, if ye be a real old salt, ye’ll know that they be ever changin’!

Me contacts from all across the seas have been reportin’ sightings o’ new Presidios – powerful strongholds from which your Brotherhood can project your dominion over the sea lanes, fight off the Spanish Armada, and rise above rival Brotherhoods! We’d best get these under Pirate control as quick as we can!

These new Presidios can be found scattered across the Seven Seas an’ the Spanish Main. You might find’em heavily defended by Spanish garrisons or rival Brotherhoods – so make sure you’ve got yer whole Brotherhood committed, an’ plan yer attacks well.

Remember that any Brotherhood that does manage to capture a Presidio will ‘ave to hold it – ye can expect stronger an’ stronger waves of attacks from the Spanish fleet.

The British Crown has made a secret offer to any “Gentlemen of Fortune” willin’ to fight the Spaniards for the Presidios – Letters of Marque offerin’ the King’s Pardon as a reward fer every Spanish sailor defeated in the battle over the Presidios. Units who get the King’s Pardon are forgiven fer all past crimes, an’ benefit from higher defensive and offensive statistics.

They also cost ye less Rum to maintain than yer regular forces!

 Upgradin’ yer Presidio gives it a bigger range of control, raises its Defensive Bonus against attacks, increases the rate o’ King’s Pardons and the amount ye can get, and lets ye Pardon different types o’ Units. It’ll cost ye a hefty sum in Resources, though – ye’ll need all yer Brethren to contribute!

What’re ye waitin’ fer? Get to the Map! Find, capture, upgrade an’ defend these new Presidios!

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley