Tides of Fortune

New Building Levels!

Unlock Special Bonuses With Upgrade Etchings!

Ahoy, Captains!

Me maties have brought back some handy engineerin’ tricks from ‘cross the ocean! Now ye can upgrade many of the Buildings in yer Haven to even higher Levels – an’ some o’ the new Levels grant Special Bonuses to yer Crew an’ yer Haven that’ll give ye an edge on yer enemies! Ye can explore the new Bonuses by clicking on “Bonus” in the Info tab of a selected Building.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune New Building LevelsYou can now:

– Upgrade Whitmore & Co. to be able to hold additional Relic Targets AND Treasure Islands!

– Upgrade the Sawmill to new Levels to further increase your Haven’s Lumber production!

– Upgrade your Windmill t’ new Levels and grow yer Rum Stockpiles even further!

– Upgrade the Brethren Court further to be able to make even more Accords! Seeing as Resources and Reinforcements sail faster between Shipmates, ye can never have too many of’em on the Seven Seas.

– Upgrade the Observatory to new Levels to further speed up Discovery processes! On top o’ that, Level 22 gives you a Special Bonus: a permanent increase to the amount of Experience you gain in battle!

– Upgrade the Harbor to new Levels to further increase its Resource capacity. Levels 23 through 26 also grant Special Bonuses: Units will be automatically sent to the Harbor as soon as they are trained!

Beware that no extra Level has been added to the Captain’s Quarters. Havin’ a Captain’s Quarters of Level 22 will grant Captains a Special Bonus: a permanent increase to the amount of Experience won in battle! If you haven’t fully upgraded your Captain’s Quarters yet, you can still do so, and if you had already upgraded it to Level 22, this Special Bonus is now active for you, giving you a leg up on yer rivals!

You’ll need Upgrade Etchings to reach these new Building Levels and unlock the Special Bonuses they give. You can get Upgrade Etchings from the Smuggler’s Den, or earn them as part of certain in-game Events – like special Tournaments.

Well, what’re ye waitin’ for, Captains? There’s work to be done! Get yer Carpenters movin’!

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley