Tides of Fortune

All Hallows’ Eve!

New Haven Skin Available At The Smuggler’s Den!

Pirates HalloweenAhoy, Captains!

With the Seas turnin’ rough, the weather gettin’ colder and great big orange vegetable-type things bein’ discovered every which way we turn, it can only mean one thing – All Hallows’ Eve is comin’!

Now, this year we wants to be makin’ sure that we celebrate the occasion properly – so we don’t get any bad luck out there on the Seven Seas.

Because o’ this, and for a limited time only, a brand new scary Haven Skin is available for purchase from the Smuggler’s Den!

This year, all Captains shall be able to pay respects to the most ghoulish ghost of all, and make sure we don’t end up down there with ol’ Davy Jones!

Bless yer sails,
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley