Tides of Fortune

About the Game

pirates game guideDuring the Age O’ Piracy, The Caribbean was a haven for every privateer, buccaneer and scallywag across the Seven Seas. However, this pirate paradise is now threatened by king Carlos-Ferdinand IV, who declared war on piracy, banditry and swashbuckling. Someone must take the helm, gather their crew of salty freebooters and send the Spanish king and his fleets on a one-way voyage to meet Davy Jones.

You will be that Captain in Pirates: Tides of Fortune™, a highly competitive MMORTS by Plarium.

Sail to a desert island where you will plant your flag and raise your pirate Haven. There, you will train your very own crew of ruthless rogues and construct a massive fleet of sloops, frigates and warships. With the aid of the cunning Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley, you will gather your crew and set sail to rid the Seven Seas of the landlubbers and their ilk. But such a campaign can’t be won with gunpowder alone.

You must master skills only the greatest Captains in history have possessed, and Discover the essence of warfare, diplomacy and trade if you want to truly rule the Seven Seas in Pirates: Tides of Fortune™.

Cut Down Your Foes Using Strategy

pirates_bannerIf you want sailors across every ocean to shudder at the sound of your name, you must learn to control your Haven, Units, Resources, and above all – your fate. Your Haven is your sanctuary, the one place you should feel safe to guzzle rum, sing sea shanties and raise havoc with your mateys. Take care of it. Build your defenses, manage your Resource and hire the best crew around, and you’ll be able to sink the entire royal fleet. With Captain Bonnie at your side and the guidance of the Pirate council, you’ll be able to unearth every treasure hidden throughout the Caribbean.

Set sail on a bold campaign, where you will face the many dangers of the sea. King Carlos IV will not rest until all pirates dance the hempen jig, and it’s up to Captains like you to fight back. Send your fleets to attack his cargo ships, or defend pirate settlements across the Caribbean. As you fight, new quests and missions will open up, with new enemies to keelhaul, each more difficult than the last. Keep your crew sober enough and your Haven’s walls strong, and destroy the king’s ships in PVE naval battles. The further along you advance in the campaign, the greater the challenge and the richer the rewards you stand to claim.

Once you have tasted blood and the thrill of combat, you will be ready to face other Captains in cutthroat PVP combat. Join them on the high seas and fight for treasure and territory. Raid their Havens for Resources, or lay sieges to weaken them and bleed their Havens dry. Master PVP strategies, and you’ll soon be the mightiest pirate Captain in all of Seven Seas.

Form Brotherhoods with Captains from Every Port

female_pirateNot every bloodthirsty Captain in Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ is your enemy. Even the most ruthless pirate needs allies and safe harbors to dock in. Use diplomacy to parley trade treaties and accords with other Captains. Join a strong Brotherhood with players from every port, and coordinate massive attacks against rival Brotherhood and plunder their riches and Presidios.

Together, Brotherhoods will decide the fate of the Seven Seas. With the best of crews and a glorious Haven, you could lead your Brotherhood to many a victory, and eventually drive the Armada and their king out of the Caribbean to secure your pirate paradise for years to come.

Pirates across the Seven Seas will sing shanties about your tale of war, strategy and diplomacy. Play Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ today.