Tides of Fortune

Missions in Pirates: Tides of Fortune

There are many types of missions in Pirates: Tides of Fortune. Find possible tasks you can complete and see the rewards you can get by solving missions.

Types of Missions

There are a lot of possibilities to hoist the sails in Pirates: Tides of Fortune. About 10 types of missions are awaiting you in the game:

map11. Individual Daily Quests
2. Brotherhood Daily Quests
3. Prestige Daily Quests
4. Tutorial Quests
5. Targets
6. Prizes
7. Adventures
8. Treasure Islands
9. Events for a limited time
10. Player versus Player (PvP)

Mission types and tips in detail

john_snowIt is just too much content to cover every detail about each mission type. As a consequence we are focusing on the most important aspects of the missions in Pirates: Tides of Fortune:

The first three bullet points in the list above can be found by pressing the button with a pirate head on the left side of the screen. Individual Daily Quests and Brotherhood Daily Quests are missions you can do on a daily basis. For being able to do the Brotherhood Quests you have to join a Brotherhood. You can do this by clicking on the Brethren Court. Prestige Daily Quests require rubies you can also obtain by fulfilling special tasks. In the upper part of the menu you can see a timer. It shows when the Daily Quests are going to reset.

Tutorial Quests are given by the pretty pirates you meet at the beginning. Each mission can only be done once. Really good rewards are awaiting you for completing them.

lighthouseFor being able to do the missions from bullet point 5 to 8, you have to click on the Lighthouse. The more you upgrade your Lighthouse the more targets, treasures and prizes you are going to see. This can be a big advance because not every player is able to see this far. As a result there are only few or even no players competing.

Targets are often claimed by enemy players. At the beginning these targets will be hard to conquer but if you manage to do this you can get resources and even relicts on a permanent basis until the targets disappear. The building Whitmore & Co. enables you to control 3 targets at once.

Prizes can be attacked once an there is no competition with enemy players. By chasing prizes you can obtain resources and even units randomly.

To unlock Adventures you have to attack Prizes with a high level. These Adventures are a good way to get powerful units for your pirate army.
treasure_islandsLast but not least you can find Treasure Islands on the Lighthouse menu. These islands give you a special resource if you manage to conquer them. Don’t forget to send offensive and defensive units because only defensive units are able to transport the loot.

There are Treasure Islands for rum, gold, lumber, rubies and gears. But what is the importance of gears in Pirates: Tides of Fortune? With this secret resource you are able to build steam engines that can be very powerful in combat. Another way to get gears is by building a Manufactory and investing lumber and gold.

Events for a limited time can be activated by clicking the button on the left side below. These missions are always connected to a special activity. There are Tournaments, Brotherhood Events and Personal Events. If you manage to achieve a good ranking you get powerful rewards.

Besides all these missions you are always free to attack other players or to besiege them. If you choose to besiege them you are slowing down his or hers production of resources. Even for activities like that you sometimes get rewards through events. But you should always think twice who you are attacking because revenge is guaranteed.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? If you are active in these 10 areas you receive a massive amount of resources and units. You can also be sure to make yourself some enemies on your way up. But what is a good pirate without enemies?