Tides of Fortune

Game Guide

Pirates: Tides of FortunePirates: Tides of Fortune™ is a cutthroat MMORTS aimed at competitive gamers looking for a deep strategy experience while sailing the Seven Seas as a mighty pirate. As the Captain of your own pirate Haven, your loyalty lies with your crew and the lands under your dominion. Master countless different strategies, the delicate art of diplomacy, and manage your loot according to the needs of your fleet and Haven.

To make sure your buildings and ships are always the best they can be, you will need to delve into many great Discoveries. Each new Discovery will open new options and tactics for development in your Haven or for your crew out at sea. It might be a new type of unit, a new building, or a bonus to your Resource production. Keep upgrading your Discoveries, and you will become a great Captain no one will dare to challenge.

But even the most vicious Captain can’t make it all by their lonesome. Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ encourages you to band together, and join other players to form Brotherhoods. This is an MMO, after all! With the right coordination and the help of your scurvy Brethren, you can sink larger fleets and defend what’s yours with ease. You can even take over powerful Presidios together. Of course, you can still play Pirates alone, but your infamy will spread across the Seven Seas much faster when you are a key member of a large Brotherhood.

Strategy will keep you afloat

pirates_spanishPirates: Tides of Fortune™ is a real-time strategy game, meaning you won’t get very far without devising your own strategies when you play. While you can use the classically piratic method of throwing everything you have at your enemy, other players will pick up on that “strategy” fairly quickly, and will be able to counter it with ease. If you want to keep your enemies on their toes and keep surprising them with each attack, you will need to develop unique strategies for every situation. But even the greatest strategists fail from time to time. You will see your fair share of defeat on the path to becoming the richest and most renowned pirate in all the Seven Seas, but from each loss you will emerge a better Captain.

Bear in mind that strategy doesn’t equal warfare. You will find yourself in plenty of situations where firing every cannon is simply not the wisest course of action; situations where diplomacy or trade can yield better results for both sides. You can choose to focus mainly on Resource production to turn your Haven into a valuable asset for any powerful Brotherhood. Match your long-term strategy to the vision you have for your Haven, and you’ll be one step closer to ruling the Seven Seas in Pirates: Tides of Fortune™.

The loot is always better when you plunder together

Pirates Tides of FortuneIf you want to be one of the most powerful players in Pirates: Tides of Fortune™, you will need to join a Brotherhood and work together with other Captains. Be it by trading Resources or Sketches, signing treaties, carrying out coordinated attacks, or just sharing a virtual barrel of rum through the chat function, you’ll have plenty of ways to make both friends and enemies. Visit others’ Havens via the map, find them in the Brethren Court or through a multitude of other diplomacy and warfare options, and decide into which category they fall.

As a member of a Brotherhood, or even as a party to a more private Accord, you will always have other Captains to count on. You will be able to plan bigger attacks, or stand together as a massive naval blockade. Only by attacking as a Brotherhood can players capture and hold Presidios – heavily fortified locations spread all across the Seven Seas that hold great riches. Controlling them is key to gain more influence over the world of Pirates: Tides of Fortune™.

You are now ready to set sail for fame, fortune and endless adventure. Play Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ now!