Tides of Fortune

Brotherhood Bastion Updates!

Find Rival Bastions Faster!

Ahoy there landlubbers!

Brotherhood BastionYer Pirate mateys, and yers truly, be truly thrilled with the progress Brotherhoods have made buildin’ and upgradin’ their Brotherhood Bastions so far. T’ honor yer hard work, we have made some small improvements to make your Brotherhood Bastion experience even better!

Previously, players had to search out hostile Brotherhood Bastions manually, but, with our newest Update, this is no longer the case. Ye can now search out rival Brotherhood Bastions t’ attack directly from yer own Brotherhood Bastion!

If ye haven’t met the necessary requirements t’ upgrade yer Brotherhood Bastion, an icon will detail which requirements have not been met. If the requirement you still need to fulfil be to downgrade a Brotherhood Bastion of a certain Level, a button will appear, providing ye wit’ a list o’ Brotherhood Bastions ye be able to attack and downgrade.

May thar’ be fer’ever Rum and parrots at yer Bastion!

Captain “”Bonnie”” Anne O’Malley