Tides of Fortune


How much does it cost?

Pirates: Tides of Fortune® is completely free! You can play for free simply by logging in here

There are, however, paid options if you wish to give yourself an advantage over your rival pirate Captains and competitors. You can buy Rubies at the in-game bank to give yourself a variety of in-game advantages: You can boost Rum, Lumber or Gold production by 25% for 3 days, boost your construction or Upgrade speed for buildings, produce new Units, expand your Haven and even purchase special Units. Even if you don’t wish to spend money, Rubies can be earned throughout the game for free, by completing various in-game tasks or even simply by playing the game for 5 days in a row.

I can’t attack a player’s Haven. Why?

Users under level 30, and those who have been registered for less than 3 days, are placed under new player protection. These protected players can attack other protected Havens, while remaining completely safe from attacks by more experienced players. High-level players cannot attack protected Castles unless the protected player strikes first.

Any new player that attacks a player who has been in-game for over 3 days will LOSE THEIR PROTECTED STATUS! If two users enter into a conflict with each other while both have been playing the game for less than 3 days, the conflict will continue without any effect on their protection status, regardless of the users’ future relative levels or time in-game.

Can I cancel an attack/construction/discovery/upgrade?

Of course. In most cases, you can cancel any of these actions within 50 seconds of initiating it. Just press the “X” icon in the top-right corner of the construction or tracking panels. However, bear in mind that you will only recover 80% of the Resources you invested into the action, so it’s better to plan ahead and build with certainty.

Why do I need Rubies?

Rubies offer you a host of extra advantages in the game. They can used to purchase a variety of special items and boosts, like the 3-day Resource production boost, powerful Dread Units, Haven Fortifications and Instant Unit Recalls. They can also be used to boost the rate of your building construction, reduce the time needed to to make Discoveries, and speed your Unit production.

You can purchase additional Rubies at the Bank by clicking the ‘Bank’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can get free Rubies in several ways: by completing in-game tasks, leveling up, playing the game 5 days in a row, placing in the top Ranking positions at Tournaments, or by completing “Deeds Most Fowle”.

Why did I acquire 0 Resources in my last Raid?

There is a weekly cap of 50,000 Resources (net) than can be gained from looting (or gifting) in each Haven. You can go back and Raid this Haven again next week. Net Resources are calculated based on a rolling 7-day period – so exactly 7 days after you carry out a successful Raid, the Resources you scored will be subtracted from the count towards your weekly limit, and you’ll be able to raid that many more.

How can I restart the game from the beginning?

It is impossible to start over a new game in Pirates: Tides of Fortune™. Since there are no dead ends in the game, there’s no need to start over from scratch. Even if you make mistakes at the beginning, you will learn from them and eventually catch up to your enemies – or even surpass them. Follow the tutorial tasks until you gain your foothold, and take advantage of the 3-day protection to establish your Haven, defenses and Resource production.

If all else fails, and you feel you absolutely need to start from the beginning, you can switch to a different server and start a new Haven there. But remember – one person registering multiple accounts on one server for this game violates Plarium’s multi-account policies and may result in restricted game access or a ban.

I think I’ll need some help to get started: the Seven Seas sound big and scary – I’ll get lost!

Fear not, Captain! A fair maiden by the name of Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley will aid you through a series of tutorial missions. These missions will teach you everything you need to get yourself up and running in your quest to become the most fearsome Pirate in the Seven Seas! You’ll learn resource management and production, what different buildings do and how to build them – even how to effectively train and organize your dastardly Pirate crew and prepare them for raids! Better yet, just by completing these tutorials you’ll receive rewards of Rubies and new crew members – you’ll be well on your way to riches!

Not too scary after all – but where can I find more information, should I need it?

If you need any more specific help, try the Pirates: Tides of Fortune wiki. You can also join the Pirates: Tides of Fortune community on Plarium.com to talk with fellow players and receive more advice about the game. If you have any more pressing concerns and feel the need to talk to a Plarium representative, head on over to our Support page.