Tides of Fortune

New Items Be Available!

new items


Save Yerself Rum Or Boost ALL Resource Production!

Ahoy, Captain!

I’m pleased to be announcin’ that some handy new Items be available on the Seven Seas!

Here they be:
Rum Consumption Reduction. That’s right! Me mates down in Tortuga have found a way to strengthen the Rum, so yer crew needs less o’ it! Ye can get yer hands on 50% reductions that last fer either 1 or 3 days.

All Resource Production Boost. Ye can now boost the production of all three o’yer main Resources – Lumber, Gold, an’ Rum – by 25%, fer 3 days, with a single Item!

Ye can get yer hands on these Items by headin’ to the Smuggler’s Den (head fer the “Special” section o’ the “Misc” tab).

We expect these to come in handy fer all Captains strugglin’ to maintain sizeable fleets an’ accelerate their Haven development!
Keep an eye out – more crafty concoctions will be available to ye soon!

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley